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Conference Proceedings

Brand Foreignness and the Mediating Effect of Quality and Prestige on Purchasing of HTC Brand
Massoud Moslehpour, Van Kien Pham, Selman Yumnu, İsmail Biligiçli
Forecasting Stock Market Volitility- Evidence From Muscat Security Market Using Garch Models
Tamilselvan Manickam, Shaik Mastan Vali
The Influences of Relationship Marketing in the Housing Brokerage Market
Tsung-Ju Yang, Yi-Chen Tu, Shen Chi-Sung
The role of air transport in the development of international tourism
Grzegorz Zajac
Cost of Poor Quality in Energy Sector
Özlem Aras, burcu özcan
Clarifying the Management Role in Dealing with Employees Personal Issues In The Lebanese Organizations
Abdallah Samir Kamal Eldine
An Exploratory Analysis of Online Shopping Behavior in Turkey
Adnan Veysel Ertemel, Buğra Çelik
The Role of Social Media Advertising in Consumer Buying Behavior
Adnan Veysel Ertemel, Ahmad Ammoura
A Comprehensive Analysis of Inter-Relationships among Overall Service Quality, Trust, Satisfaction and Learner’s Loyalty within the Supportive Vocational Education and Training
Figen Yıldırım
The Mediator Role of Collaborative Advantage in the Effect of Supply Chain CollaborationOn Firm Performance
Huriye Yılmaz, Murat Çemberci, Nagehan Uca
The Cointegration Analysis of the Trade Relation of the Countries having Bilateral Trade with Turkey PDF
Elif Güneren Genç



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